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ArtemPatsev,“Our Goal Was to Get Athlete Cleared of All Charges. And We Did It”.

 On 27 May, 2021, Clever Consult lawyers won a convincing victory in RUSASA Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee.

In 2020, Rodion Bochkov, a Russian weightlifter, was notified that further analysis (retesting) of his sample of 2015 established the presence of metabolites of a prohibited substance (anabolic agent). Rodion, who was immediately provisionally suspended, turned to Clever Consult for advice with a request to help him prove his innocence. 

“Our specialists have done a tremendous amount of work. They reviewed laboratory report, conclusions and explanations, studied WADA regulatory documentation, including International Standard for Laboratories, CAS decisions, carried on a long correspondence with RUSADA regarding the existing and new evidence. The case was complicated that the sample in question had been collected five years before which made it difficult to gather evidence and tied the hands of both parties. Our months-long work resulted in the victory in RUSADA Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee. We successfully convinced its members that the report on the adverse analytical finding did not seem entirely correct,” Artem Patsev, Clever Consult Managing Partner, commented.  

“Unfortunately, due to confidentiality restrictions we cannot reveal all the details of the case but I am immensely proud of our team that put in a lot of effort and was able to prove Rodion’s innocence,” the lawyer added.

We wish Rodion glorious victories! Welcome back to sport!

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