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Thanks to Clever Consult, Athlete Charged with ADRV Avoids Suspension

In February 2023, Maxim Antonenko, a Russian Para athletics athlete, was notified of an adverse analytical finding.  The analysis of the athlete's sample showed a significant concentration of a prohibited substance. Our legal team successfully resolved this complex matter thus preventing the athlete from being imposed with a possible sanction of four-year period of ineligibility. 

Defending the athlete required a substantial amount of work in building a strong case to prove his innocence. The proceedings at the RUSADA Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee (RUSADA DAC) were lengthy and intense. The case file contained a wide variety of evidence.  Witness testimonies were heard and various documents were examined, including medical records not related to the athlete, but crucial for a fair determination of the case. We built our case on the assertion that the adverse test result could have been caused by consumption of a contaminated product.

At the hearing, the RUSADA DAC concluded that the aforementioned version of events, based on the balance of probabilities, accounts for the test result, and instead of a 4-year suspension the athlete was reprimanded. 

We are delighted to have been able to achieve a fair case resolution for Maxim and wish him nothing but success, new accomplishments and triumphs in sports!

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