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Through Assistance of Clever Consult, Athlete Escapes Suspension on Grounds of ADAMS Filing Failures

On June 29, 2023, Clever Consult lawyers helped an athlete convince the members of RUSADA Disciplinary Committee that an ADAMS filing failure declared by RUSADA (the 3rd warning or so-called «red flag»), did not meet the necessary requirements for a potential filing failure.

Considering that all charges have been dropped, Clever Consult cannot reveal the athlete’s personal data and name the sport concerned.Thanks to the efforts of Clever Consult legal team, the athlete has been cleared of all charges and can continue training and win competitions, instead of two years of suspension and disqualification of yearly sports results.

We are wishing our client the best of luck!  At the same time, we urge all athletes to remember that accurate and timely whereabouts submission is paramount for a successful and stable sports life.Clever Consult legal team is always available to you for help and guidance when communicating with anti-doping organizations.

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