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Clever Consult Included by the PH Kommersant in its Legal Services Market Leaders 2024 Ranking

The Clever Consult legal group was included by the Publishing House Kommersant in its ranking of Legal Services Market Leaders 2024 for best industry practices in the area of “Tourism and Sports” in the “resolution of key disputes in the industry” nomination, Band 1. 

Congratulations to our amazing and professional team on occasion of yet another highest level recognition of our achievements! 

Besides our Head of sport practice, Ms Anna Antseliovich, and founder of Clever Consult, Mr Artem Patsev, were nominated for “best lawyers” in the individual ranking in the area of sports. Congratulations to our colleagues! We are proud of them! 

We once again proved that we are focused on achieving the best result only for those who entrust us

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