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Clever Consult helped the handball player get back in the game in the shortest time

Clever Consult lawyers helped Dmitriy Kiselev, a Russian national team and CSKA Moscow handball player, to significantly reduce the period of ineligibility for a positive doping test

Dmitriy Kiselev's doping test, which gave a positive result for a prohibited substance, could lead to 4 year’s ineligibility. However, with the assistance of Clever Consult lawyers, the Russian handball player was able to prove to RUSADA that the prohibited substance was taken during the out-of-competition period and by no means for the purpose of performance enhancement, thus significantly reducing the period of ineligibility - to three months.

It is notable that the RUSADA decision has been reached in the shortest possible time without hearings at the Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee, which allowed the parties to save time and resources.

The athlete will be able to start training with the team in a few days and get back in the game at the beginning of September.

Clever Consult team congratulates Dmitriy and wishes him more victories in the upcoming season! 

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