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Clever Consult Once Again Plays Vital Role in Restoring Justice

Having lost a case on procedural grounds in National Center of Arbitration for Sport (NCAS), the Presidium of a certain All-Russian Sports Federation (due to confidentiality reasons, the name cannot be revealed) has opted to hold Official X accountable for their disrespectful remarks towards another Official (“Official Y”). The NCAS, in its decision, did not address either the existence of the violation itself or other relevant details (such as fault).

Due to the dispute not being considered on merits, the Federation convened another meeting of its Presidium to review the situation and decide on taking disciplinary action against Official X for failing to comply with the established rules. For this specific purpose, the Federation sought the assistance of Clever Consult.

Following a careful examination of all the relevant facts and materials, our legal experts helped to organize and facilitate the meeting, ensuring strict adherence to the law, internal documents and protocols of the Federation.

The meeting, filled with tension, lasted more than two hours. At the meeting, the members of the Presidium analyzed all the circumstances of the alleged violation of Official X and gave special consideration to his personality and behavior during the contentious incident. In the end, the ruling was to hold him liable for violating two provisions of the Disciplinary Regulations of the Federation for gross and unethical behavior during the competition, both generally and towards Official Y personally.After familiarizing himself with the ruling of the Presidium, Official X chose not to challenge the sanction at the NCAS and willingly paid the fine, thereby acknowledging the legality and validity of the decision.

By seeking the advice of experts beforehand who diligently organized all essential paperwork and arguments, the Federation managed to save a substantial amount of resources that would have otherwise been drained in legal disputes. 

It brings us great satisfaction to have assisted our client in avoiding unnecessary legal expenses and time-consuming processes.

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