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Clever Consult Successfully Concludes Case without Hearing, Again

In April 2023, our client faced charges of an alleged use of an anabolic steroid back in 2013. 

However, having carefully examined the athlete’s explanation, aided by Clever Consult legal team, regarding a possible use of a prohibited substance, RUSADA closed the case due to the lack of evidence and thus all charges were dismissed.In compliance with the provisos of Article 17.3 of the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules, we do not disclose the athlete's personal data. 

The charges against the athlete were based on the analysis of the sample taken in 2013 which was stored in the electronic database of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory (Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Anti-Doping Center”), also known as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).To find out more about LIMS, please refer to our other news article regarding the preceding victorious case.

Clever Consult lawyers provided an explanation that left RUSADA with no other decision but to drop the charges against the athlete.This was achieved through an immense effort of assessing and comparing a great deal of scientific evidence and differentiating the facts of the case.  The results were subsequently consolidated into a consistent argument, presented by Clever Consult legal team. 

Both the athlete and we are grateful to RUSADA for the fair and balanced approach in dealing with such a complex issue.  What is notable is that the matter itself was referred by WADA directly to RUSADA, based on the documents obtained by WADA.We congratulate the athlete on the successful resolution of their case and wish them the best of luck in their sports career!

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