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Clever’s First Victory at 2024 Olympics

Not only athletes, but legal professionals as well, are getting ready for the Olympic Games. 

According to the recent CAS update, arrangements have been finalized for the launch of “a temporary office” in Paris, known as Ad Hoc, to resolve disputes in a timely manner, prior to and during the Games.In the run-up to the Olympic Games, athletes are being subjected to rigorous testing by anti-doping organizations to ensure they are not using performance-enhancing substances. Ultimately, nobody is interested in revising protocols retroactively and redistributing medals (we all remember Kamila Valieva's case and the unresolved issue of gold medals distribution in the team figure skating event in Beijing). 

Nevertheless, unfortunately, there are instances where athletes, who have no slightest intent to cheat or outsmart the system, are caught off guard by unpleasant news. Protecting interests of such athletes could be a race against time due to the intense competition for Olympic licenses and limited timeframe for obtaining IOC accreditation. 

 A foreign athlete sought help from Clever Consult in order to prove their innocence and maintain the Olympic license. 

Our professionals completed an extensive amount of work within a very short timeframe. Numerous documents were gathered and multiple medical consultations were received. Through our team's hard work, the athlete was able to obtain a retroactive therapeutic exemption (TUE) from their international sports federation, with WADA agreeing that it would be manifestly unfair not to grant such retroactive TUE. 

As a result, all charges against the athlete were dismissed, allowing them to resume their preparation for their debut in the Olympics! 

Wishing our client Olympic victories, Clever Consult also extends thanks for their trust!

* The athlete's sport, age, and gender cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality

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