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Two Clever Consult Clients Get Cleared of Charges on ADAMS Filing Failures

Last week, Clever Consult lawyers got two athletes who were charged with whereabouts failures cleared of possible anti-doping rules violations.

Clever Consult lawyers helped two athletes, both at once, convince anti-doping organizations that thecriteriaforth in the International Standard for Results Management (ISRM) for the warnings or so-called “red flags” (missed tests and / or filing failures in ADAMS) were not met.

Considering that all charges have been dropped Clever Consult cannot reveal athletes’ personal data and name the sports concerned. One case of a possible anti-doping rule violation was initiated and investigatedby RUSADA, the other – by an international sports federation.

 “We wish the athletes good luck on their professional path. We also point to the fact that athletes should pay utmost cautionwhen submitting their whereabouts information, so that nothing could overcloud the joy of doing what they love most,” Anna Antseliovich, the head of Clever Consultsports practice said.

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