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Anna Antseliovich Takes Part in WISLaw Symposium and Asser International Sports Law Blog

Anna Antseliovich, head of Clever Consult sports practice, took part in a webinar on the sports law issues related to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

At the webinar, the participants discussed WISLaw members’ articles published in the Dutch T.M.C. Asser sports law blog. Anna’s article “Why the existing athletes' Olympic entering system does not comply with the fundamental principles of Olympism enshrined in the Olympic Charter” was among those published and discussed at the event.

The participants showed genuine interest in the subject because it covered issues particularly relevant now such as competing at the Olympic Games as independent/ neural athletes, refugee teams and unofficial medal placements of countries.

The current system does not represent the diversity of political views and leads to discrimination against those athletes who do not support the political regime in their country and yet have to compete under the national flag and anthem of the country in which their National Olympic Committee (NOC) is registered.

Read the full article here.  

Women In Sports Law (WISLaw) is a Swiss based international non-profit association. Its mission is to promote women in the sports law practicing area through scientific and networking events, annual meetings and reports. WISLaw’s goals include raising awareness of women’s presence, role and their contribution to the sports law, enhancing cooperation among women and empowerment of WISLaw members around the worldwide through various initiatives.

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut is an intercollegiate institute of international law located in The Hague. It is a worldwide renowned center of expertise in the fields of public international law, private international law and European law.

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