Anti-doping disputes have become one of the most highly topical issues in the Russian and international sports law.
Clever Consult lawyers have been providing legal representation to clientsbefore different judicial bodies, including RUSADA, international sports federations, the Court of Arbitration for Sport / CAS (Lausanne, Switzerland) and Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland.
Our track record of achievements consists of successful representation of athletes, down towithdrawal of all charges.We have broad expertise in dealing with variety ofADRV cases, including those related to Biological Athlete’s Passport (ABP), evading sample collection, tampering, etc. We take an individual approach to every case and engage the best Russian and international experts in various scientific fields in order to defend our clients’ interests in the most effective way.


Our clients entrust us to handle cases regarding breaches of FUR or FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, FUR and FIFA Disciplinary Regulations, labor disputes between clubs and players / coachesor any other disputes that involve participants of football, including:
- Transfers;
- Labor disputes between footballers /coaches and clubs:
- Assistance in matters relating to training compensation and solidarity mechanism payments;
- Change of a national association;
- Disciplinary breaches of regulations;
- Other matters.

Our expertise includes representing clients before FUR bodies such as Dispute Resolution Chamber, Player Status Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Appeal Committee, as well as before different judicial FIFA bodies and the Court of Arbitration for Sport / CAS in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Contractual claims:

Question the legitimacy of your contract's obligations?
We will consult on all questions!

Disciplinary proceedings:

We will act as your representative in disciplinary proceedings.

Corporate disputes:

We offer legal counsel for dealing with disagreements within and between sports organizations.

Other sports related disputes:

We provide counsel on all aspects of sports law, including:
- Qualifying and eligibility to participate in sports events, matters relating to inclusion in national teams;
- Management and governance;
- Transfers in team sports;
- Labor disputes between players/coaches and clubs in team sports;
- Disciplinary violations;
- Sponsorship in sports;
- Disputes relating to sport nationality;
- Ethical violations in sports;
- Other disputes.

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