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Clever Consult legal group provides services in the field of sports law and other sports related matters. We specialize in representing clients in courts and various sports judicial bodies: national, international and the Court of Arbitration for Sport / CAS (Lausanne, Switzerland). We offer assistance in a wide variety of issues, including anti-doping, eligibility to participate in sports events, labor disputes in team sports, management and governance in sports, etc.

Our clients are:

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Sports federations
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Our Services:

Our Team's Mission:
«‎Our goal is to help our clients solve their sporting legal problems with utmost speed and efficiency!»

Sports we work with:

Our team:

Anna Antseliovich


possess a collective

total of 35 years

in professional experience of our team members
have handled

over 150

RUSADA cases
have taken care of

more than 50

cases heard in CAS
have been successful in

more than 80%

of cases
have dealt with

over 50 cases

involving international federations
have dealt with

more than 3000

cases in state courts
have taken care of

over 20 cases

relating to the Olympic Games
adhere to

all our obligations in full

You might need a sports lawyer:

1. If your counterparty's performance is unsatisfactory;
2. If you were notified of a violation of the anti-doping rules;
3. If you are not allowed to compete;
4. If you are subjected to disciplinary action.

Why Us:

For over a decade, 
For over a decade, 
we have been dealing with sports related legal matters.
Our satisfied customers
Our satisfied customers
provide their feedback in the «Client Feedback» section.
We aim for the result
We aim for the result
and achieve it with the utmost efficiency.
Solid relationships
Solid relationships
with the pertinent sports organizations and authorities developed over the years

Here is what our clients say about us:

How we work:

Application, first call and provision of documents

Once you submit an inquiry on our website, we will contact you to go through all the known facts and details of the case, you will provide us with the relevant documents for us to familiarize with the matter.

Making an initial assessment and signing a contract

Upon assessing our involvement and with the consent of both parties, we enter into a contract and make the necessary power of attorney to represent your interests.

Protection of interests

At all stages of your case consideration, we, Clever Consult, will work on your behalf.

Satisfied Client

Full and faithful execution of our contractual obligations
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"We strongly believe that every athlete should be entitled to the most professional protection of their interests."
Founder of the legal group
Clever Consult
Artem Patsev

Successful Cases:

Clever Consult Sets Precedent for Meldonium Cases

Clever Consult lawyers demonstrated that consuming regular nutritional products could cause a positive doping test result.
Clever Consult lawyers successfully defended the interests of football coach Kurban Berdyev in the CAS.

Here is information regarding the case of football coach Berdyev K.B. adjudicated by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS),
CAS Decision Sets Precedent for Russian Football

In this case, Clever Consult acted as the legal counsel for the footballer Michael Ignatov, whose former agent, Alexander Manyakov, sought to challenge the ruling of the FUR Player Status Committee in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
Clever Consult Prevents Minor Athlete from Being Suspended for Four Years

Clever Consult aided an underage athlete, who is deemed a Protected Person, in demonstrating that they bore no fault or negligence in an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it worth fighting? Or, is the result already predetermined?
2. Do you guarantee a successful outcome?
3. Do you always require full payment up front?
4. My cousin/ neighbor/ childhood friend is an experienced lawyer, who is in and out of courtrooms on a regular basis dealing with anything, from housing to criminal law. If he is capable of dealing with such complex matters, isn't he able to help me with something as trivial as a doping charge?
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